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About Me:

This is henryhoggard.co.uk.

What do you do?

I’m a Security Consultant, my main area of focus is mobile security.

Outside of work, I do security research and the occasional bug bounty. I have reported vulnerabilities in Android, Twitter, Facebook, Paypal, Blackberry, Firefox, Namecheap, Virgin, Gandi, Samsung, AVG, Sophos, Vodafone, Monero, Hootsuite, Fyber, and many more. Some of the more amusing bugs I’ve written up on my blog.

What else?

As part of my university dissertation, I created OpenLocate, an open source, privacy focused, self hosted alternative to Android Device Manager / find my phone.

I’m one of the founders of the OpenSauce Hackathon, an annual coding event hosted at Cardiff University. For more information see CSCF.

How can I get in touch?